Sunday, November 29, 2009

notes on today's game v. skins


Onsides kick as opening kick : fail (provides new counterpoint to my story from Reid's opening play against Dallas to start first season where we recover onsides kick and go on to win game); Skins score touchdown 7-0; Vick in for running play in red zone : gains yardage on 2nd and goal, McNabb back in on 3rd and goal, incomplete pass to massive boos from the Linc; 4th and goal pass to D.Jackson touchdown. pass interference offense on Celek, tenyard penalty, replay 4th down; Akers in for field goal: good. 7-3; skins 3 and out, D.Jax w/ good return, 4th and inches after vick qb keeper, Reid goes for it, Weaver gets the first. oldskool DMac rolling out, td pass to D.Jax (wide open) 7-10.

Skins driving, 3rd down and long-- twice in one drive. (3n11; 3n9) 3n2, 27ydpass against Samuel to make it first and goal; td to S.Moss 14-10; 1n20 after penalty, longpass to DJax incomplete, another penalty on screen to McCoy (ineligible man downfield on us) announcers lovin on eagles screenpass. 1n25...2n16..sacked, 3n17, pass deflected, 4n17 to boos. /Skins 3nout/Eagles good drive until shitty pass on 3n3; 4n3 punt; Skins throw interception to Samuel; 3rddown short pass to Maclin and they kick fg 14-13 w/ :42 left in game Skins take over on 45, drive w/ :19 seconds left, Samuel interception again; :07left, FG attempt: good 16-14; Trent Cole sack to end half.


Birds 3nout; Skins drive to score, 21-16; Eagles punt next drive, Skins drive, punt, Eagles drive, punt, Skins... [@ some pt in 3rd, D.Jax goes down]

Skins punt, good tackle by Byron Westbrook; intercepted by Justin Tryon 25 yd fg good 24-16, 8 pt game; penalty on the kickoff, Birds start on their 10, pass on2nd to Avant for 46 yds into Skins territory, another pass play for a 1st to Avant, but he goes down but is okay. Celek FOUR passes that shoulda been caught! (one from Vick) 3n2 on skins'17, McCoy run for first (WE NEED EIGHT NOT THREE i yell at tv) Weaver runplay gain of 12 to one ydline, Buckley runs into endzone 24-22, 2 pt conversion play shovel pass to mccoy second effort gets into endzone! 24-24; Skins drive, Eagles hold them on 3n5, Skins punt; (i think: they never make it look easy) 2 run plays, McCoy for 11, weaver for five, on 2n5, 35yd reception to Maclin, McCoy runplay to 23 ydline, 2n8, Maclin reception for first down @ 17 ydline, Skins timeout

@ 2minute warning,
Birds 3rd and 4 @ 11ydline, McNabb can't find anyone open and slides back to line of scrimmage; Akers takes the field w/ 1:52 left on clock 24-27 w/1:48 left on clock; Fokou tackles Skins kickoff returner @ their 16 ydline; 3rd and ten becomes 4th n short, incomplete. Birds take over w/ 1:05 left


-do not go for onsides kick on opening play unless you are sure you will NOT FUCK IT UP.
-when you are tied at 24 in the fourth quarter against THE REDSKINS and the crowd can still get into the game, you are lucky and you had BETTER do everything you can to try to win.
-emphasis on: MAN, the birds never do make it look easy.
-seriously, Celek? you usually catch the ball pretty well...
-I lose pickin the Birds on the pool minus 8.5 ... unless Eagles DON'T give Skins ball deep in own territory for a soon-to-follow TD to begin the game.
-where are our awesome plays via Vick and McNabb on the field at the same time totally confusing the crap out of our opponents? no? never really the plan? damn.