Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Metaphor by TV Football Announcer!

Now this is noteworthy. Either Cris Collinsworth or Al Michaels who compared the McNabb/Reid team history thus far to a movie. Every season, as an Eagles fan, you get amped about this time in the season, only to be let down in the end when we don't get the Lombardi trophy. I was impressed at the metaphor. They even took it as far to say that it's the kind of movie you refill your jumbo popcorn after because you're so disappointed. You thought the movie was going to be so good. Instead, you are let down and decide to eat more buttery popcorn.

Eagles as the winningest Visitor Team at the Meadowlands! Holler!

I love that this is already on YouTube:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NFL new rule on concussions

The NFL has officially changed the play rules for concussions. The NY Times article on this can be found here.

The new rule states that players who exhibit certain symptoms such as forgetfulness or dizziness should not be allowed to return to any "football-activities" after suffering from a possible concussion. They also encourage the players to be open with the medical staff on the team.

Brian Westbrook, the Philadelphia Eagles star running back for years, has been sitting out for a number of weeks after suffering a concussion in a game against the Washington Redskins.

Kurt Warner sat out last week's game after waking up dizzy on Sunday morning. The sports announcers on the pre-game show to the game on FOX I was watching mentioned this and then cut to commercial. Perhaps by accident, I caught one of the announcers saying jokingly "woke up not seeing straight? If--"

Athletes are trained to be role models. Let's hope they take this new rule from the NFL with that in mind, and do not try to continue to play when they could be suffering serious injuries. Let's hope also that sports announcers across the country also begin to take players' injuries more seriously as well. Perhaps Kurt Warner had a bit too much to drink the night before. Or perhaps he has a serious concussion. Either way...

"Really? You thought 'Ghetto Fabulous' was medically relevant?" ~Modern Family